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Well the Autumn mayhem is set, and the tuna have been a pretty steady feature of late. Both species of tuna have been willing to take lures. And the first few days of March didn't disappoint with the weather either. GLASS OUT! However the fun was short lived as most of Queensland has been dominated by heavy winds and rain for the first half of March.

Spotties made a strong but brief comeback during the calm beginning. They had disappeared for most of February . But whether they will still be about when the strong winds abate is a lottery. I hope so, it makes for a more interesting tour, particularly if the crew wants a feed of fish. Often times they are encountered whilst in transit to "the next fishing area". The sharks had been an extreme nuisance around the mackerel. For some reason they were incredibly bold with the mackerel. Standout lures for mackerel have been small metals at speed.

A few big longtail about too!!

21-April  ... TUNA TUNA. Weather continues to be bad. But there has been a short period mid month where it was exceptional.

Spotties are still about in sparse groups. School mackerel too have been about.

Macktuna are a bit fussy, but plentiful around the bay. Longtails in mixed sizes are quite plentiful too. A few big ones at times mixed with the smaller fish.

Weather outlook for the remainder of April looks a fair bit more settled!!! YES!!!!!!


JUNE 1 ... Yes it has been cold, and winter is here officially. May proved fruitful for the tuna fishing. Maybe they hang a bit longer. Not much else of note to report.

Let us hope and pray them snapper come in thick. Till the next update... and enjoy the new pics.



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