Fraser Island Hervey Bay

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Big, bad, bruising trevally!

Trevally are renowned as hard fighting fish. Many species inhabit the arena covered in our guiding options. Golden, giant, bludger, diamond and brassy trevally are the most prominent. They can be caught in a variety of scenarios, and throughout the year. 

view a clip of some trevally action (bad language warning) -

Golden trevally on the shallow flats is a fishing attraction that has made the Sandy Strait famous. During the warmer periods of the year, sight cast with a lure or fly, this style of fishing is highly addictive, with its active pursuit of game fish, intermingled with the peaceful surrounds of the shallow gin clear water.  You may glimpse many rays gliding, a dugong family frolicking, or a dingo venturing down to investigate what the commotion is beyond the shoreline. But be at the ready, as you don’t want to miss that shadow approaching fast.

Other species commonly caught on the flats are giant and diamond trevally. Smaller fish can still be caught during winter.

Giant trevally are a popular sportfish all over the world, and many anglers are lured by the explosive surface strikes and back breaking battles. While our fishing area is not noted to be a GT hotspot it can still produce some solid fish. For those chasing a chance to wrangle a GT, select tides can put you in with a chance.

All these trevally species can be caught year round on deeper reefs, and can be great sport for many anglers, from plastics and jig fisherman, to the novice trolling for 'anything to bite'.