Fraser Island Hervey Bay

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Hervey Bay, February 2014. The winds have been howling since late January. First from the South East now from the North!

The main talk about town is the arrival of the longtail tuna again. It was a bit hard to find this species over summer. The tuna, not just longtails were in short supply. But a few fish have started to come back into the bay. Sometimes feeding aggressively, and sometimes not. Looking forward to them feeding full flight for the next couple of months.

CHECK THIS VIDEO OUT, it might make you keen to try some tuna action - >>>

The golden trevally have still been eating in deeper waters, but on the flats, they have been a tough adversary. We are seeing a few fish, but not converting – still exciting fishing when the weather and light conditions permit. The deep fish have been taking jigs and plastics readily.

Micro and light jigging have certainly started to take off. I recently had a few guys try it out with more fervour than the average Joe or Joanne. Specialist rods and lures getting a work over. Boating all sorts of species.


Happy Australia Day!!!

Well what crazy weather! It was a glamour day yesterday, but right now it’s howling.

Spotties over the last week have been going off, and make easy game for just about anyone. Massive numbers of birds circle the bait balls, and they dip their beaks into the balls to snatch their prey. On some bait balls you will see meaner predators that are bigger than the spotties. Check out this Facebook video from an acquaintence of mine (you need to log into facebook to see it) -

Fishing remains pretty solid, with trevally being the primary trophy fish. There are a few queenfish mixed into the game too. Both species are caught deep , but have also been spotted on flats too. We have spent an arvo or two tormenting flats goldens without a lot of reward. Casting needs to be accurate and your awareness set high for success on flats. Flats-fishing, also requires the right tide and the right light conditions.

Hope you enjoy the long weekend….



Well the bad weather continues. As I write, more wind is predicted. Atleast the heat has abated for now.

The fishing remains fairly steady, with some pretty awesome days over Xmas and New Years period. Spotties on some days, snapper on others, then on some both. The tuna remain absent though. And the ever entertaining trevally have been quite reliable out deep. Some good queenies mixed into those deep caught trevs too.

Sharks are still a problem in some areas. On days I found longtails, the sharks were also about. We lost almost every longtail we hooked in December to sharks. It was heartbreaking for some guests. The one that did swim free, we didnt land because the hooks pulled early in the fight.

On a good note, most clients enjoyed reasonable if not excellent fishing. And I believe I will see many return.

BTW - some lucky Bruce landed a marlin.... FINALLY!