Fraser Island Hervey Bay

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Mix it with warp-speed tuna!

Tuna are another speedy attraction of Hervey Bay. There are mainly two species common to the area - mack tuna and long tail tuna. Occasionally we do get some yellowfin tuna moving through the area too.

For those anglers who want to catch a lot of fish, the autumn run of long tail tuna is highly recommended. Big schools of long tail (and mack) tuna voraciously feed on the surface. They literally eat everything in their path. These fish tend to be 6-10kg in weight and can be played out and brought to the boat quickly, so you can get back into the fray.

Throughout the whole year you can still encounter tuna in Hervey Bay. The long tail tuna encountered during the 'slower months', can often be much, much larger. You will need bullet-proof knots and a good back, because if by chance we encounter them, they can be leviathan.

Tuna can be targeted with many types of lures and fly - in fact you may need to swap lure of fly profile from time to time during a session to suit their changing moods and match the bait they are gorging on.