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Hervey Bay Charter reports 2014 Spring

WELL! what can I say, Winter left us quick, and the hot bite waned around mid September.

The snapper did go in a flash , but I enjoyed this season very much. With some great quality coming, even in close to port.

The fishing I have personally found to be extremely tough at times, but also can just turn it on in an instant.Some days you can't go wrong, then the following, its a complete turn around.

Right now just waiting for the pelagics to fire. We have had some pretty exciting sessions so far, but still looking for the consistency to come. October is bringing numbers, where September there was quality. I am not saying it was easy, some days quite the contrary but persisting can pay... Just ask the happy blokes that landed the big cobia, yellow fin tuna and longtail.

Some Hot Bites in October, include bulk goldens for relative lure novices, mixed surface and jigging pelagics from the same bait congregation. Days like that can leave you feeling exhilirated. But the next can put you in your place pretty quick.

Enjoy the images... 11/10/2014

Well into November now, and the consistency is starting to come with some nice surface fishing sessions. Long tail are still not thick, but the spotties can be at times. Mack tuna serving us well now.

The Buzz since late October have been the mini Marlin, or Marlene as I like to call them. We have been getting them casting and trolling. The numbers so good, I often treat guests to other pelagics early and try (and often succeeding) to sting a marlin later in the day.

For some exciting action with marlin check out this video we made -

anyhow enjoy the footage and images.. Tri  :) 16-11-14