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HERVEY BAY SUMMER 2015 - 16 Charter Reports

13 FEB 2016...  

Well I must say I have been a bit slack with updating the web page. And it is only due to bad weather that I am doing the Summer Charter Report. It is February and the weather is horrible. About three weeks since I went to work. I thought tomorrow was the go, but no, another "Strong Wind Warning" .

So to recall the last few months in brief words. My first thought is it was quite a mild summer. Made fishing pretty steady, I think when the water in Hervey Bay heats up too much it shuts the bite down somewhat.

The beginning of summer was a tad slow. Not too much surface activity. What there was, was mostly smaller stuff. But that increased steadily. And became a rather on and off affair. But the end of January was very very good. Longtails and Mack tuna feeding HARD. I was looking forward to February, but who thought I would be homebound for three weeks.

Fishing deep was quite productive, but I avoided it because of the shark issues. We caught some really nice goldens. And bits and bobs to keep us entertained.

And the marlin hung around too. And a few were caught and harrassed by us. I think they are incidental catches by now.


**February 29th - Last day of summer

Blowing like crazy today. But I managed a few days in the latter part of the month. Some good numbers of tuna. Some big fish gave us opportunities, but no cigar on the monster class. Smaller longies are starting to come through. YAY!

Some good catches of reefish inclose too. Not something we are noted for! AND a bonefish on the jig!

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