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Hervey Bay Charter reports 2014/15 SUMMER

Well our beloved Northerly winds finally hit us. Hot sticky weather, storms, and yes not much fishing being done! That's OK, because it means my back and knees can rest up.

Before the crazy weather hit, we experienced a strange spell of fishing. It was building up quite nicely, with steady surface feeding action, but the deeper fishing quite hit and miss. Then for a few days in late November everything went very quiet, but then just before the storms hit, went "normal" again. Fish you could rely on, hitting with fervour again.

Long gone are marlin, but I am quite sure we will cross paths somewhere during Summer. A few BIG longtails around for those willing to stalk them, for just one shot. Nice bags of grunter, to put on the table aswell.

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12-1-15... Well well, the summer madness period is over, and I hope everyone had great times with family and friends for Xmas and New Year.

The fishing over the period has been a bit hit and miss. Still, the surface feeding schools here one day and gone the next. Well at least gone out of the range of a day charter in waters that are ACTUALLY Hervey Bay. Mid-December had spotties and mack tuna rampaging, then gone just like that. Spotties making very small appearances in a few pockets if you looked hard enough.

Grunter making a strong showing deep, so those looking for a modest feed were more than happy. A few solid snapper showed up too. Slatey bream made up for some great reef fish captures too.

I actually think the fishing was pretty tough over the last period. Especially when you throw in apex predators like shark and grouper. Makes it tough on already tough times.

Goldens deep made up for the bulk of trophy captures, with a few solid queenfish too. At the time of writing, some signs of what is to come as the weather cools makes me feel a bit more optimistic. Bait and surface feeders moving, sharks in the mix too.

Autumn is just around he corner, fishing gets hot as the water cools.


10-2-15    TUNA ARE COMING!!

It's blowing a gale, but the fishing has remained steady, and the tuna seem to be back. Massive schools of mack tuna, and a few longtails here and there. Sharks can be troublesome at times.

As always goldens are around, and big schools of smaller queenfish have been about too. At times the queenfish can be caught on surface lures.

As the weather cools and the winds tend more from the East, we should see more surface feeding fish as Summer slowly fades.