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Hervey Bay Charter reports 2015 Autumn

Tropical cyclone Maria came without too much destruction in the region. The water is a bit dirtier in the Straights but the focus of the fishing is Platypus Bay. And water quality up there has been fine. 

Longtail tuna are becoming a steady capture now. And should dominate captures over the Autumn period. Most have been caught on surface feeding schools out in deeper water. But there have been some fish on the beaches too.

Queenfish and trevally should also play the game in this awesome time of our fishing calendar.        .. March 4th


Well into Autumn now (April 9th), and we have just had an amazing run of small longtail tuna. The big numbers arrived just before the full moon. The sharks are still wreaking havoc. It is almost like they knew the hordes of fish were coming and were awaiting their arrival. Before the masses of tuna came it was extremely difficult some days to land a decent fish. It will be interesting to see what happens when the tuna leave. As always the variety is still good.

Great to see the tuna in numbers, some days wave upon wave of fish. A big difference to March and April last year, very patchy numbers of fish. Lets hope it continues into May. Many anglers of all levels hooking fish on fly, plastics and hard lures.

MAY 25th 2015... Well we are coming to the end of Autumn and the fishing is still pretty good. The tuna are thinning but we still have had some good days. The other fixture of Autumn, sharks, seem to be abating too. Allowing us to land a few trevally from the deep too. Queenfish have also been plentiful on some days.

Hervey Bay Tuna and Queenfish have fallen to soft plastics and topwaters. The aggression of these pelagic fish must be seen to be appreciated. When they repeatedly strike a topwater it still is awe inspiring, even if it doesn't result in a hook up.

Trevally have been caught on ever faithful Transams and Zman plastics, as well as on jigs. Hope these guys hang around through the winter like last years Hervey Bay Charters.

Now looking towards winter and the signs have been promising. Good numbers of snapper and squid. Tasty times ahead!

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