Fraser Island Hervey Bay

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Sandy Strait - a maze of incredible sports fishing options

The Sandy Strait is the large estuary system located south of Hervey Bay. It is bordered by Fraser Island on the east, and the mainland on the west. This system features numerous small islands, banks and channels that hold endless opportunities to mix it with great sports fish species.

This is the arena for the majority of the flats fishing we do on our guided trips for pelagic species like trevally and queen fish. Flats fishing can be a relaxing event, where you can drink in the surroundings while searching for your quarry. In saying that don't let your mind linger too long on the dingo patrolling the beach, frolicking dugong, or the lazing turtles. You never know when your next opportunity will materialise, sometimes as if out of the sand itself.

These pelagic speedsters provide plenty of flat-out action, often can be encountered in large ravenous schools tearing into bait fish (and lures) at will.

These waters also feature some reef and solid structure, which holds species such as snapper, along with pelagics like mackerel, queenies and trevally terrorising the areas for stray bait.

Further upstream, you find more estuary type environments where you can encounter awesome sports fishing species like barra, threadfin and blue salmon, mangrove jack, tarpon and monster flathead; along with bream and whiting.