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Hervey Bay 2014 Autumn charter reports

APRIL- good weather continues. 8-4-14

Well I can't believe my luck. All Hervey Bay Charters completed this first week of April.


Smaller tides produced some tough tuna sessions. But other species still catchable! We had some memorable sessions. With epic captures, most notably a big Spanish and MASSIVE diamond trevally - both on Transams with stock standard hooks!


Now some of you may know the image on my flyers, which is an image of Aria. We first fished some tough conditions in early 2013. Poor fellow fished two days, landed one long tail. We lost a truckload of big fish in every way imaginable, but at no fault of his own.  And to end the saga, he fought a monster, suspected cobia, for two hours. Since that day he was chomping at the bit to get back. Weather put an end to most his ambitions.


Anyhow, with moderate weather conditions predicted, I finally got Aria and his jet setting Fly buddy Tom, out on the water. Aria wanted his first golden trevally, but old Hervey gave him a diamond instead! After the two days Aria still remains a Goldy virgin. His mate Tom, fulfilled the Longtail tuna ambition with the skill and calm of a well-travelled, well taught veteran. After getting sharked once, and then on the verge of being sharked again, breaking a rod with a sounding tuna rampaging about, shark hot its trail. We remained calm and prevailed. So lucky, that the sharp SL12 of a Jon Makim Siliklone found its mark just in the very tough jaw skin of the the longy. Sometimes luck pays you back big time. And thanks Aria for so much faith in your guide. You can see some fly fishing footage of Tom here, it’s pretty sweet>>>


The week rounded off with some marvellous weather, but difficult fishing, especially on the tuna - even those with long accurate casts were finding it difficult. I finished the week yesterday with some solid trevally boated. We also raised some big queenies, but no takers. With the big sharks I could see on the Lowrance sonar, I was kind of glad we didn't hook these beauties.


28-4-14 ..  Well what a strange month on charter in Hervey Bay. We had excellent weather to round out the month, but the tuna went AWOL! It was not the usual bumper tuna run, maybe it will be MAY MADNESS? Who knows? I believe cyclone ITA stirred it up, and dispersed the bait. We still managed to sting a few here and there.

Lucky the other species were still biting and guests aboard MOFO still turned reels over. Plenty of solid queenies and trevs. Some nice reef fish too.

One memorable session was with young Jack and his dad. Jack is a diminutive 12yo, with a lot of ticker. This little guy survived two heart surgeries, and is still going strong. He needed help landing his first queenie, but found the guts to land every fish after on his own. The best fish going over a meter, I was amazed at his ability and intelligence. No doubt he will be a gun in the future, and I hope he follows his dreams of becoming a marine biologist!

Another father son combo were Thanh and Sean. Dad asked for not stop action for his son, so we pulled up on a patch of small trevally and grunter. Check out young Sean in action here >> . Dad also hooked some good fish too.

Any ways I will round out the month with a few more charters in Hervey Bay, then I’m back into the Coral Sea Guiding with NOMAD again. Unfortunately I will not be available to guide in Hervey Bay in May.


March - madness begins!



The tail end of February was fairly windy. Such a shame as the fishing was getting fairly good. We bagged some good fish, mixed species, queenfish, tuna, trevally and mackerel.

I experienced some epic surface bites in Hervey Bay in this period. Queenfish and Longtails being ready victims for topwater presentations. I will put together a video of some lucky charters soon. 

This leads into March, again some serious winds putting an end to many charters. Meanwhile we knew the tuna were just "out there". Anyhow they are in full swing now. And its just a matter of getting a comfortable day to fish.

Looking forward to some decent weather to put some smiles on the many faces to come in this month and the next.

27-3-14... Well this bad weather continues. Trying to fulfil as many charters as possible, with this fickle Hervey Bay wind. Mostly though the fishing has been good to top-notch. Sharks continue to be an issue, I often move on if  I see sharks on the Lowrance. I feel it is just reinforcing the notion that an idling boat will feed the toothy jaws, if we stay to try and hook fish.

Anyhow check out the fish porn, there are some good ones, more queenies, and a few trevs too, and of course tuna!.

31-3-14 , WOW that was a lot of RAIN - we needed it. Not to worry, there are no run-off issues. Even the Straights were clean running. Absolutely magic weather blessed us the last few days of March, and on charter in Hervey Bay the tuna went off! Not much else to report, the images will speak for themselves. More nice weather expected early April!

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