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Well what can I say, it is mid winter and I have been very slack. Enjoying the so called "off" season, by hibernating, putting some weight on and doing more social things that normal people do. It won't be long till it warms up again and I will give away another six months to the pelagic sportfishing. Not that we have had much of a winter this year. In saying all this, it doesn't mean we have not been fishing. I have been working and social fishing.

So here is a brief run down.

Early winter was Big longtail time and we caught quite a few. They fell to topwaters and plastics. Their dogged battles were taxing for most anglers. We did not score much in terms of MONSTER fish, but the meter plus were common.

Did not have much love with the bigger snapper. But it just felt the whole year was a bit put of whack. I went for a run to Inskip and fished from there, sure enough snapper were there and chewing. Back home here the reports from varied sources suggested patchy catches. And it reflected much of my own experiences with the snapper.

Most saying livies were the go to. Slow trolling hard lures and softies effective too. Fishing my own styles have produced the goods but it has not been what i call a hot season. 

Otherwise fishing as normal. At times awesome, particularly one session with a dozen queenies landed, plus what else we caught. Landing one was good, but a dozen was outstanding. It made me rethink what I thought of queenfish.

A few cobes lurking too, however 20lb leader does not fare well against extended battles with 30kg plus bullies!

And coral trout, wow, for me these little scrappy by-catch have been amazing to see. So many legal sized fish. They are a king on the plate!   ... AUGUST 5th 2016


SOOOOO, end of winter now! 31Aug 2016

Not much has changed. The bite seemed to have improved somewhat. A few more trevally seem to be keen, some on softies and a few on jig too. A few school sized longtail too have been caught while fishing deep.

Some more encounters with kingfish both black and yellowtail, that ended in our favour!

And yes the sharks, well they are returning!   :(

Time to look towards MARLENE!