Fraser Island Hervey Bay

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SUMMER 2016-17 Hervey Bay Charter reports

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Steady surface fishing gives the tours a good basis to begin with. We often chased trevs and marlin with these mack tuna and spotties as a back up plan. In fact we had a pretty good run of spotties, and we are still putting a few in the esky now (late Feb) .

Some cracker Trevally boated, many of which are well over 1m. Plastics claiming the majority. As of late January I focus less on the trevs, because the sharks are moving in and the nature of the trevally battles we often find it difficult to get them past sharks.

Fortunately after a slow section in early February the surface feeding schools hit home runs day after day. With mixed schools of Longtail, Mack tuna and Mackerel often times filling Platypus Bay with foam.

It should continue , hopefully into May. If you want to get into some action, email me NOW!