Fraser Island Hervey Bay

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Well the weather continues to be average. With some good days mixed in. At the moment it has settled, with moderate to strong easterlies prevailing. Not fantastic, but fishable and there are plenty of places to hide in an easterly.

Mackerel and Mack Tuna have been the plentiful species. With a few trevally mixed in for good measure. Sharks as always this time of year, LURKING!


january 2019

Spotties dominate the captures. They also create massive bait balls, that attract other species. They can be cobia, GT or even marlin.

Longtails have started to move in. And the mack tuna have been playing much more regularly than in December. Hope we get another cracker tuna Autumn  :)


Cyclone Oma ! What a write off most days blown off water.

Plenty of tuna however!