Fraser Island Hervey Bay

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An incredible season so far this autumn. I hope it continues for another few months, so get up here! The fish aren't always big, but plentiful. Sharks at times painful, but generally we can find a school that is shark free. As long as you are on your game you should boat tuna. Recently the fish have moved a little further south, just within range of a half day tour even.

Previous years saw us devastated by sharks, but I think the bulk tuna finds the sharks spread throughout. It has allowed us to fish for trevs and queenies at times too. And surprisingly suffer very few losses at certain times.

ANYHOW, time to batten down for cyclone DEB!


APRIL 30...

Luckily we suffered minimal damage from cyclone Deb. However the first two weeks of the April were mostly blown out. Weather in general has been windy. A few glamour days mixed in. The fishing remained strong. The massive schools of longtail tuna dwindled but we still caught them. Mack tuna still abundant, but often very small. We have continued to capture a few big longtail, several over the 120cm mark.

Some quality queenfish and trevally regularly caught. It is great to have a season where we don't get hammered by sharks every hook up!

Weather cooling fast here. Winter soon! Hope the tuna hang about a bit like last year. Fewer fish, but bigger!