Fraser Island Hervey Bay

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winter 2013...

Well it came so briefly and now its spring again!

The Snapper fishing this year was NOT hot, but we still had some good captures, as you always do in Hervey Bay. But some days you had to work for it. And it sure made me miss those marauding schools of tuna.

On any given day, you can come to Hervey Bay and catch a trophy fish. It amazes me that in the vacinity of such a densely populated place I can guide anglers onto fish they may never experience again.

BIG queenies, trevs and tuna during the SLOW months! Truly an awesome office I have here.

Anyhow its getting warmer and I noticed recently the changes one may not see unless you are on the water regularly. Birds moving more regularly and in increasing numbers, and then like a switch had been hit, surface activity has started to begin again.... AND POW! just like that, we boat a yellowfin,